Portofino stole my heart

I’m sure you’ve come across thousands of photographs of this stunning little haven on social media or in travel magazines – it really is as good as it looks!

Portofino is a tiny fishing village located just South East of Genoa, on the ‘Italian Riviera’. It has a reputation for being utterly romantic and a magical place to visit and it certainly lived up to my expectations. The scenery is incredible and arriving into the tiny harbour by boat was spectacular; the cliffs with their colourful houses and castle like properties nestled among the trees welcome you with open arms.

It was quite overcast on the day we arrived, but the sun did its thing and we were blessed with glorious weather shortly after!

The harbour itself is too small for the Superyachts to dock, but fortunately it was just big enough for us! This was the view from the boat..

The total population of the village is only around 500 so you get an idea of how small it really is! Even so, thousands upon thousands of tourists flock year on year to soak up the views and enjoy the wonderful Italian cuisine (pizza, pasta, fresh seafood… mmmm…) whilst the rich and famous pay to be seen in one of the many 5* hotels, such as the Splendido which can cost thousands of pounds per night in the high season! (One day…)

How dreamy is this?! Luckily I got chance to go for a quick stroll one evening and I was left speechless when I walked around the corner to discover this view.

My bucket list of places to visit seems to get bigger and bigger each year, but this charming little place is certainly up there.

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