Exploring London on a budget..

One of my new year’s resolutions was to appreciate our capital city more. Although I live here, and I’m sure many of you will agree, I never venture into town much and tend to stay in my little bubble in SW London. It’s easy to do, especially as I’m on a budget (with it being the end of January and all that..) but my friend Felicity and I decided to spend the afternoon being tourists! 

Our 8 mile walk started off at the Natural History Museum (my first ever visit – shame on me)…

We then headed to Hyde Park; It was such a beautiful day but FREEZING cold and the Serpentine was frozen over in places! It was picture perfect though… 

Buckingham Palace was next on the list…

Having missed the changing of the guards, we walked up the Mall and saw the cast/crew filming The Crown series 2 at Lancaster House! 

Weaving in and out of feminists aka Donald Trump protestors, we made our way up to Trafalgar Square and across to Embankment. The sun was starting to set and Westminster looked so pretty.

I really must venture into the city more often! 

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