Be positive, it’s 2017!

We all have that ‘New Year, New Me’ feeling after every drunken New Years Eve. Whether it’s the anxiety and self loathing or the whole turning over a new leaf thing, it’s certainly the best time to start a fresh and kick start your year.

But then you get to mid January and people are breaking their resolutions left, right and and centre, giving up on that new gym membership or failing miserably at Dry January after a hard week at work. 

Keeping that positive mindset is hard, and I for one find it incredibly tough sometimes, particularly when it seems like you’re swimming against the tide all too often. But there are SO many reasons for us to remain upbeat and smile even during the most difficult times, and here’s how…

1) Don’t beat yourself up 

Had one too many glasses of wine? Fallen off the gym wagon? Eaten an entire pizza to yourself without taking a breath? Get over it, just because you’ve failed once and indulged, it doesn’t mean your hard work thus far has been wasted, and hey what harm does a treat once in a while do? Enjoy it, embrace it. Everything in moderation…

2) Invest time in yourself and be more selfish 

Taking time out to do something you enjoy, or something that makes you feel good, is absolutely vital. Even if it’s just watching your favourite film, having a long soak in the bath, or getting your nails done, it’s basically the perfect excuse to slow down, calm down and clear your head. This is definitely something I need to try and do more often, and living a busy life in London often doesn’t allow it, but prioritising is key…

3) Start your day with a smile

Instead of snoozing the alarm every 5 minutes, crawling out of bed and straight out of the front door just in time for work, why not allow time to relax a little and start the day with a positive attitude. And no I don’t mean wake up and scroll through each of your social media accounts (which half the time are full of depressingly hot photos of pretty girls in bikinis on a beach in the Caribbean – that certainly won’t make you feel better.) 

4) Remind yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind to

It’s not all about dreaming of how your year is going to pan out, and it’s all well and good telling yourself that this is going to be ‘your year’. If you’re having a hard time at work, or not reaching your goals, for example, don’t worry. It’s easy to say, but many of us forget our capabilities and get caught in a downtrodden state where we feel we sometimes belong. This is not the case and only you can achieve what you set out to achieve – so stay strong and show ’em who’s boss!

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