The Royal Myconian Resort, Elia Beach, Mykonos

Dreaming of the day we could finish our charter on the boat and spend a week being pampered, my fellow Stewardess and I spent hours researching to find the perfect hotel and came across The Royal Myconian. We just couldn’t resist, and here’s why… 

The exclusive resort is situated at Elia Beach, a vast sandy haven covered in sun beds and playground to many locals and holiday makers. The hotel itself is situated above the beach and boasts spectacular views of the bay and out to sea. 

What hit me first was the beautiful decor inside – it was exactly what you would expect from a chic and quirky hotel in Mykonos.

I particularly loved the oversized lamps and the rustic yet glamorous feel.

We checked in and went straight up to our room to sleep (we’d been stuck in a cabin for weeks so nestling down into a kingsize bed with fresh sheets and pillows galore was our priority) and we were greeted with this view. We had asked for a sea facing room but didn’t quite expect this. It felt like we were on top of the world! The Greek wine that greeted us made the whole scenario even better…

Of course, our next priority was soaking up the sun and enjoying a few cocktails so we made the most of the pool and spent pretty much everyday tanning.

Waiter service around the pool meant we didn’t have to move a muscle, and we indulged on cocktails, champagne and the odd light lunchtime snack of a club sandwich and calamari which was top notch. We did go all out when we’d had a few too many ouzos the night before…

Accompanied by a Bloody Mary, of course. 

At night, the pool terrace turned into something utterly magical, especially when the sun was slowly disappearing. 

Elia beach is approximately 15-20 minutes from Mykonos Town and finding taxis is a nightmare, but luckily the hotel provided a swanky shuttle bus every hour or so that drops off in the port. The last pick up is at 1am, perfect if you’ve headed out for a late supper  but not so much if the Mykonos nightlife has won you over! 

Our entire stay was luxurious and we were made to feel so at home; the staff were amazing and couldn’t do enough to help. I would definitely recommend to anyone unsure of where to stay… 

Check it out here –

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